Sunday, 9 February 2014


You Higuri - Her Life and Works so far!

When someone mentions Cantarella, Taishou Mugen Kitan, Iskyria Roman Reimeiro Haikyoushi or Cutlass: The Time of Boys, you might not recognise the titles, but when they shout Gakuen Heaven or Gorgeous Carat - you know instantly what they are shouting about.

More than any other, You Higuri is known for two manga novel series; Gakuen Heaven and Gorgeous Carat. In Gakuen Heaven, young Keita Itou receives a letter from Bell Liberty Academy an all boys school. Keita has no idea why he's been chosen, but he decides to attend the school despite a bus accident on the way.

Shy at first, Keita gets to know all the students at Bell Liberty, the King and Queen Niwa and Saionji, Vice President Nakajima, and Shichijo, Saionji's personal assistant, Art Club President Tahito, Tennis Club President Naruse and the head of the Biology Department, Umino. Higuri's characters are similar in each manga series she pens, but she does give them different personalities. The main characters in these novels all have to overcome obstacles put in front of them and Keita has to take part in a school-wide contest. He does this as he is now part of the school, but he needs to have a partner to help him win and also get his wish.

In Gorgeous Carat, beautiful uke, Florian Rochefort has to overcome his drug dependency and link to the evil crime boss, Azura. Azura is also Noir's link to his past and the fact he has no idea that he is busy seducing his friend, Florian behind his back that gives this story the bite it has. Azura's seduction is done to get revenge on his friend for leaving him and going it alone as far as being a jewel thief was concerned. He has heard far and wide how good the infamous Phantom Noir was, and his jealousy knows no bounds. At first no one knows how much Noir loves Florian, but it is enough that he has to decide whether to still be friends with Azura or not.

I don't know what your favorites are, but these are my two - so what's yours?

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