Sunday, 16 February 2014


Bleach Series 12 Part 3
Released By: Manga Entertainment
Rating: 12
Running Time: 300 Mins
Audio: English & Japanese: DD 2.0
Release Date: 17/2/2014
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes

In an effort to redeem themselves, the zanpakuto who rebelled against their Soul Reaper users get with them to fight against the Hollows and Minos that enter through a Garganta into the human world. While everyone else has forgiven their zanpakuto for what they did before, it seems Captain Kuchiki is still weary of Senbonzakura.

As we have seen the Soul Reapers fighting with their zanpakuto, it is fun to see them fighting alongside them for once. Using their immense power, they drive back the Hollows and Minos into their Garganta, but they do have one other problem to deal with, Muramasa who is secreted within a huge brain along with substitute Soul Reaper, Ichigo.The conclusion of the zanpakuto arc is in sight, and there is another arc after it where the zanpakuto of their fallen Soul Reaper lieutenants are running amok in the Soul Society and ruining Captain Kuchiki's garden party. This was supposed to be in honour of all the great work the other Soul Reapers did against the Zanpakuto. Rukia and Renji are in charge of sorting out the rest of the pesky Zanpakuto, and leaves Senbonzakura to help them out. Rukia gets to have a heart to heart with Sodenoshirayuki, Captain Hitsugaya sees his Lieutenant Rangiku hit the sake again, and surprisingly, they see Senbonzakura in a similar state after a drinking game with her.

The second arc seems to wrap up loose ends and continue the enjoyment we had with the Zanpakuto arc and the new characters. Seeing some of the characters having a good time is fun enough, but the warring the Soul Reapers have seen before is worth watching as it has total involvement, and shows how they can cope with their problems of dangerous invaders, and to be honest they have had a lot of them over the past ten series. Captain Kuchiki keeps having to thank Ichigo for helping him out, and it's obvious he doesn't like to as he is involved with his sister Rukia, but he has to thank him really as no one else was able to go against Muramasa and live to tell the tale. This arc and the previous one are filler arcs for in-between them fighting Aizen's army, but I liked the individual stories of the Zanpakuto, as without these two arcs we might not have got to know what the sword spirits looked like.

There are a lot of good stories in this series, Ichigo has gone back to the world of the living only to find several zanpakuto wondering where their masters are, though this time they are called sword beasts by Captain Kurotsuchi. Captain Hitsugaya comes to help him, but they need more aid from Mr Hat and Clogs to see if he can explain what is going on. Back in the Soul Society, there is a big clean up operation after the zanpakuto messed the place up. Not that everything is all bad though, as a sword beast specimen has been found and promptly taken to Captain Kurotsuchi's lab for further research. While Rukia spends most of her time with her own zanpakuto, Rangiku has fun with hers, bringing Haineko to the real world too, getting her to wear a certain person's clothes, and as with the other series, Bleach successfully combines a great plot with humour, effective fight scenes, battles and some touching moments.

Bonus Material: Opening and Ending.

Verdict: Two great arcs and some fun besides, this is Bleach at its best!

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