Saturday, 8 February 2014


Spiritual Police Volume: 1 by Youka Nitta

Police work is never done, especially where Nagatsuma is concerned. He is sent to a masseuse called Aoi when he suffers  the stresses and strains of being in the job. As Aoi is blind and has the power to heal, at first Nagatsuma doesn't believe his power, but when he is faced with the fact he has done him some good, he visits him again only to be given a message about another case he will be working on.

Nagatsuma and Aoi have a sexual kink that is explained in the novel, and the two soon become partners trying to investigate crimes as Aoi can sense people's auras. It is impossible not to fall for Nitta's men who are handsome as well as muscular just the way you like them, even if they do resemble her characters from other manga she has created.

VIZ Media have made a great decision of publishing her novels in English as there is definitely a call for them in the UK and US as Nitta has become more popular with her Embracing Love novel.

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