Friday, 14 June 2013

Tiger and Bunny Part: 3
Released By: Manga Entertainment
Rating: 15
Running Time: 293 Mins
Audio: English & Japanese DD 5.1
Release Date: 15/7/2013
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes

It's taken a while, but Tiger and Bunny are acting like a two-man team, and their sponsors have noticed this - too bad their co-workers remember a time when they were at each other's throats.

Due to their new popularity, Blue Rose has to train them both to do a dance routine for a live performance. Bunny is well coordinated and has all the moves licked, but Tiger's not as good, and takes some time out with Blue Rose to do some last minute training so he doesn't look so useless in front of Bunny.

While most of the attention is on Tiger and Bunny through this episode, viewers also get to see how Blue Rose feels about Tiger, but she never tells him how she feels, which is the usual way things go when girls have affection toward a boy, but deep down she wants a real man. There is a fun side story is the antics of the famous back stage thief with the crush on Blue Rose and the penchant for wearing her lipstick and her outfit - hillarious. While Tiger and Bunny are in hot pursuit of the thief, Tiger finds his powers have accellerated, and asks a friend for advice about them. The only problem is the advice he gives him might not keep him in good spirits.

As the first episode is a comical one, the second is a sad one for Sky High when he finds he is in love with a stranger while walking his dog, John. Even though this is an episode devoted to him, Barnaby comes close to discovering more about his parents secret research, and he might not like what he finds. The third turns out to be Lunatic's episode where he watches the heroes protect the city, but as his past unfolds, viewers will soon see one of the twists this series has to offer. His relationship with his father wasn't a good one. When his father's life wasn't going so well, he turned to drink and sank into a deep depression, beating up his wife. The episode depicts the inner struggle Lunatic has with not being able to bring the real criminals to justice, and feels he can only do that through being Lunatic at night.

While remembering the first two series of this anime, it is worth noting that the story is shaping up to be a more realistic series than it first appeared as it has real life drama within the make up of the characters that shows it is more than just a superhero romp where they catch the criminals every week, and that is the appeal of the show, that and the humour.

This anime comes as a DVD and Blu-ray combo pack for those who want to see their heroes in high definition with all the details. The colours are more intense in the Blu-ray and the overall animation is superior in every way.

Bonus Material: Usstream Mini Corner Volume 2 Featurette (Japanese Language with English Subtitles), Karaoke Version of Opening 2, and Karaoke Version of Ending 2.

Verdict: Strong characters, and an even stronger story make this a hit with anime fans the world over - you can't get enough of Tiger and Bunny!

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