Saturday, 29 June 2013

Anime Preview: Naruto Shippuden: Road to Ninja

Fans of the series have come to know Naruto as its original series and Naruto Shippuden as its successor, but how many would have believed that we would get to see yet another movie added to the list that is already growing?

As we have come to know through the episodes so far, Tobi wants to enshroud Konoha in an alternate universe of his own making, and what has already been hinted at in certain episodes  is what is detailed here in Road to Ninja. Rather than still hinting at an alternate universe and what it would be like to be in one, Naruto and Sakura are met by Tobi, and brought into one using a bubble that takes them there to a place they think is home, but when they get there, Konoha has changed, as have the ninja. There are other subtle changes too, the stone heads of the Hokages have changed, and their fellow friends have different personalities.

The movie mainly concerns Naruto and Sakura who start to notice that in this particular world, nothing is what it seems, as the ones they knew from the original Hidden Leaf Village have changed. Sasuke is still in the village, and is completely different from his usual self as he's turned into a complete player with the ladies! Choji is thinner and doesn't eat as much as he used to, and Shikamaru isn't as intelligent as he once was either, so what is going on?

That is pretty much what everyone will want to know when this movie comes out in the UK on DVD, let's hope it's as good as the hype.

Verdict: Sounds like the Naruto movie we have all been waiting for.

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