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Art2-D2's Guide to Folding and Doodling (An Origami Yoda Activity Book)
Author: Tom Angleberger
Publisher: Abrams
ISBN: 1419709593 / ISBN: 978-1419709593
Pages: 176
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes

If you wanted to get a book to keep your son or daughter busy for hours while you do all the things you have to and want to, then this is a great idea. part of the Origami Yoda series, this, unlike the other books is a standalone activity manual where children can create all kinds of things to do with Star Wars.

Within this hardback are 75+ things to fold and draw. The only thing that has any similarity to the Origami Yoda books is starts with part of the story between the kids of McQuarrie Middle School (Star Wars aficionados will recognise the name used; Ralph McQuarrie, artist who painted most of the conceptual art for the Star Wars movies back in the day).

The main characters from the Origami Yoda series that are introduced in this short section are Tommy, Kellen, Dwight and Harvey. Other characters form the activities in the rest of the book.

Tommy gets asked by Kellen and Dwight to make them some case files. Kellen wants to make a case file of all his secrets for being a master doodler, but Harvey isn't convinced or impressed - as always. While Tommy and Dwight think the case file will be about Origami Yoda, Kellen thinks it would be a better idea to have Art2-D2 as the main focus of the book (rather than case files).

You get to see a finished Art2-D2 on the cover which looks neat, but if you want to make him, you will have to follow the instructions inside this fantastic book. Inside, there are 59 pages of doodling that feature characters from the Star Wars universe drawn by Kellen, Caroline, Lance, Sara, Tommy, Remi, Quarondo and Cassie. Favourites are How to Draw Speedy Fortune Wookie by Kellen. This design is from the Origami Yoda series The Secret of the Fortune Wookie from the same author that has a foldable Chewbacca face. Here Kellen shows us how to draw a quick, simplified Chewie complete with bandolier.

While Kellen has been doing most of the art in  here, it is soon Dwight's turn with his Attack of the Doodle-Gami where Dwight makes the origami and Kellen makes the doodles.

Drawing Speedy Origami Vader is a fun one where you can draw a simple step-by-step helmet and even more simplistic body. You can even draw his lightsaber and, if you have already made an origami Yoda, you can make them fight! Cassie created one of the more creative how to draws in this book with her How to Draw Un-Turkeys. Just trace your hand upside down on a piece of A4 and modify it into an AT-AT. Cassie shows you on other pages that you can use your hand traces for a wide variety of characters who are in groups like the Modal Nodes.

I would recommend this book for its story, origami folding techniques (they are really good, and funny) and references to Star Wars characters where they are given different names (witty ones). There is so much to do in this one and most origami models are based loosely on other designs from out of ordinary origami books - thankfully this isn't one of them.

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