Monday, 5 February 2018


Iwako Pig Eraser

As part of a set (elephant, pig, panda, cow & giraffe) iwako toys of Japan have created some damn fine miniature erasers perfect for collectors of anything Japanese.

I got my hands on this one at my local Waterstones store and have been collecting them ever since. This and Triceratops young eggs are my favorites as they have the super cuteness of most anime and manga merchandise without trying too hard to impress.

The eraser comes in a self-sealing bag bearing the usual choking hazard warning on the reverse. Yes, if you open the bag and take out the piggie, you will find his snout can be removed as will his head and all parts are usable.

Incidentally, all of iwakos erasers can be dismantled in this way despite how cute they look. The pig is a more light pink with beady black eyes and a pale cream snout. He even has a curly tail accent on his rear! There are TY versions of the same eraser. They are made in Japan but for the Western market, whereas the iwako ones feature the Japanese text on it. So if you want a more authentic Japanese product, this would be it.

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