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Naruto Box Set 31
Released By: Manga Entertainment
Rating: 12
Running Time: 112 Mins
Audio: English Region 2
Due Out: 26/02/2018
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes 

So far, Naruto has given his pep talk to Gaara, Sasuke and Pain, convincing them their actions are questionable and they need to see the error of their ways. This time it is Obito Uchiha's turn as his path in life could have been very different had he not met Madara and allowed his heart to be clouded by Rin's death.

With Sasuke rushing to kill Obito for trying to destroy the Leaf; something which was dear to his brother Itachi, Minato and Kakashi think Naruto might be right about him, that Obito could have been a better person, even to say he had a decent opportunity to become Hokage one day. Kakashi says his piece too, reminding Obito that he did all he could to save Rin, and why he thinks Naruto will save Konoha and defeat Madara from destroying their world as well as initiating the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Madara is close to achieving his goal as the flower bud is slowly opening, though Obito seems to have had a change of heart. 

Naruto comes across as being wiser than his years, telling Obito that Rin would not have wanted to see him as  he is now, seeing as she always said she watched over him, but making Obito see reason might do some good, and give the allied forces chance to retaliate. We see a brief recap of Obito's early life from his time at the Chunin exams to being part of a three man squad with Kakashi and Rin; their captain being Minato. Obito was a stark contrast to what he is now, being late for training, arguing with Kakashi, helping old ladies with their shopping and falling for Rin, though she would never see him as anything more than a friend.

Obito can't understand the influence Naruto has over others such as Kakashi and Minato, but as he grew older, the shadow of Rin's death hung over him causing him to resent the Leaf and his former comrades. Naruto sees that he should have instead be proud of what he did in the past as the three man team, not envied Kakashi for being an outstanding shinobi and not resented him for Rin having a fancy for him. Though Kakashi by his own admission as a shinobi who stuck to the rules and regulations showed no interest in her.

When we previously thought no one could get through to Obito, there might be a breakthrough, but they have to move fast to win him over before Madara gets his way. The battles between Madara and the tailed beasts rage on, even though Naruto and Killer Bee try to help them be free of being collared by him again.

I found seeing Obito come to terms with who he could have been is like many other characters in previous episodes (Pain) realizing they could let go of the past and do some good for the world, his using Rinne Rebirth meant his imminent death, but after Naruto could have brought true peace to Konoha and the surrounding nations, he felt it was worth the sacrifice, but will Obito feel the same if he betrays Madara? Battles and power plays are what gives this box set the edge when it comes to Japanese action period dramas surrounding ninjas.

Bonus Material: None.

Summary: The well thought out characters, animation and well drawn settings is what makes this one of the best anime to date

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