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Star Trek Prometheus Fire with Fire
Author: Christian Humberg & Bernd Perplies
Publisher: Titan Books
ISBN: 9781785056491
Pages: 384
Reviewed by: Sandra Scholes

With the new Star Trek movies making their presence known to fans, this could be a possible inclusion for an adults Christmas stocking. The reason is obvious as this is the beginning of a new series of novels that takes place in the Nemesis timeline.

Star Trek Prometheus is the first, along with Star Trek The Root of All Rage (May 2018) and lastly Star Trek In the Heart of Chaos (Nov 2018). Here the duo of German writers Humberg and Perplies write from the post-Nemesis timeline where a mysterious terrorist organization is attacking the Federation and Klingon Empire. The Lembatta cluster is the place where the culprits have been chased to, the USS Prometheus being the flagship that is sent to prevent further conflict and possible war.

The story flits from different timelines, ones that are familiar with readers of the Star Trek novels and series with characters from such as classic Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space 9 and Voyager. Humberg and Perplies set out in as good a way as any in Stardate 1966.9 with the USS Valiant exploring the Lembatta cluster and Captain Jeremy Haden watching a video of the infamous Captain James T. Kirk congratulating him on becoming a captain and the perils he will have to go through to prove himself. Haden's first mission is to beam down and investigate with his new team, but it doesn't go as planned. In the second chapter, Captain Richard Adams from the USS Prometheus is due in at Deep Space 9 which brings up the Typhon Pact, the relations between the races and the United Federation of Planets in a state of peace.

I liked reading the Deep Space 9 chapter after remembering the novels I read before and watching the long running TV series back in the 90s this has been based on. Perplies and Humberg engage their readers, showing they have a grasp and knowledge of the Star Trek universe and the many novels we have seen come out over the past twenty years. They were able to come up with this one based on several series within the Star Trek universe and the planning alone for this novel series must have been extensive, though their persistence has payed off. The cameos of famous characters from each series kept my interest and made me want to read more; Commander Worf, a former Lieutenant on board the Enterprise 1701 - D is mentioned and in an instant I was reminded of his character in the series and how he became a respected member of the crew, albeit a prickly one. In this timeline, Ro Laren, former Ensign on the station is now a Bajoran captain and indulges Captain Adams who is caught up in the problems associated with time.

This is a must for fans of Star Trek in all incarnations.

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