Tuesday, 1 August 2017


When All Seems Lost 
Author: William C Dietz
Publisher: Titan Books

Diplomat Christine Vandereen has to hide the president of the Confederacy now that the Ramanthians have captured them among a group of humans. Sending them to a labour camp on a remote jungle planet sounds like a good idea for them, but they don't know how Christine can hide the president's true identity for long.

President Nanhool is eager to fight the enemy, even if he could be outgunned, though Christine suggests they take a different strategy; finding a dead crew member and jettisoning him into space, hoping he looks remotely enough like the president to fool them. Christine and the president along with other men are first taken on board the Ramanthian freighter Abundant Harvest to the planet Jericho in the Ramanthian empire.

When they get to Jericho, Christine feels there might be no chance to see Captain Santana again when one human defies the Ramanthian in charge of them. Though she knows their enemies see them as nothing more than animals, they couldn't care less about killing them, so she thinks this would be the last time she will be alive.  Meanwhile Santana is also looking forward to seeing Christine again as he hasn't heard from her in a while, and doesn't know that her life is in the balance.

If you are a fan of sci-fi novels, this will be something you will want to get into as there are a lot of books in this series to read, more than I thought possible. Enjoy.