Monday, 21 August 2017


GEM Series Remix Naruto Shippuden Fujin & Raijin Set
Series: Naruto Shippuden
Product:GEM Series Remix
Specs: 2x painted non-articulated, non-scale PVC figures
Height:180 mm/7
Bonus: 2 special illustrations of Sasuke and Naruto

MegaHouse realise there is a lot of interest in new Naruto figures, especially with the new Boruto series being aired to an eager audience. Here, instead of one figure, we have two, Naruto representing the wind god Fujin and Sasuke representing the lightning god Raijin.

We remember Naruto's chakra nature being wind from those early days of Naruto Shippuden where he trained hard with Jiraiya, while Sasuke honed his skills with the chidori, a patient Kakashi-sensei standing by to help out before he went rogue and teamed up with the nefarious Lord Orochimaru. The fact the two are depicted as wind and lightning gods is impressive as Fujin and Raijin feature in a lot of stories in and around Japan, just as they do in the series.

The colour schemes the two are shown in are striking; Naruto's orange tones are in contrast to Sasuke's blue and purple. Each one perched on a personal stand, surrounded by a halo and scarf, both are also shirtless, which is a nice new look for Sasuke fans. The designs for the models by Piron are in keeping with the gods they represent and together make an impressive dual figure set.

Shown side by side, the two figures remind me of one of Masashi Kishimoto's interior illustrations from Naruto Volume 38, page 24-25. Unlike other figures of Sasuke, this one has the character smiling while he is holding drums in both hands. Due out in late September 2017, these are sure to be the latest must haves in a Naruto collector's house.