Thursday, 29 June 2017


What AnimUK  Can Offer Fans of Anime

There's a lot of activity on this site with scrolling banners promoting the latest products and informing potential buyers they can sign-up and earn what they call Omake Points. There they can earn 3% rewards on orders.

As for the site, it is separated into 6 categories; Shop by Anime, Anime Merchandise, Figures, Pre-Order, Pocky and Pop Culture. Shop by Anime is an A to Z list of all the anime merchandise they have in stock, from Attack on Titan to Yuri on Ice.
They have all the popular ones like Black Butler, Death Note, Fairy Tail, One Piece, Naruto and Tokyo Ghoul and when you click on each one, it comes up with a product: eg; Accel World Kuroyukihime and Butterflies File/Document Wallet or DRAMAtical Murder Mink Nendoroid. Some anime have only one product in stock, while others like Cardcaptor Sakura, Evangelion and Naruto have 2 or 4 pages worth of merchandise. The list is easy to scroll through and check on and quickly takes you where you want to go. Anime Merchandise has a list of Bags, Cosplay, Jewellery, Manga, Keyrings, Cards, Plushies, T-Shirts, Wallets & Purses. When you click on say, Playing Cards, a secondary list opens in the left hand site for certain series so you can see the price and decide how many of each product you want to buy depending on what is in stock at that time.
This is a great idea if you are buying for Easter, Birthday or Christmas as almost every kid, teen or 18+ person has some kind of interest in anime these days. Figures has a similar set-up with the secondary menu on the left and the figuresin the centre in alphabetical order. Some choice ones to look out for are the Fate/Stay Night Figma Saber 2.0 from Max Factory, Sword Art Online Figma Asuna ALO Version Figure, also by Max Factory, Black Butler - Undertaker ARTFXJ1/8 Scale Stature (Kotobukiya), Evangelion - Makinami Mari Illustrious (EVA Racing) PM Figure.

One of the things I like about this site is when you click on the figure you are interested in, you get a box  appearing with the image of it and the price as well as the opportunity to add it to your basket. Also you get to view the model in several different angles once you hover your cursor over a series of boxes underneath the image. It was at this point the site had a minor glitch and had to think about what to do before showing me the images (I think it was impatience on my part - " Oh, I love this character, gotta see more of the model!" if you get what I mean.) As I said, the delay was only minor and only happened once, so it didn't concern me.

Take a look for yourself how great this site is: