Wednesday, 28 June 2017


The Genesis Fleet:Vanguard
Author: Jack Campbell
ISBN: 9781785650406
Pages: 377
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes

Faster than light jump drives are the reason that Earth competes with other planets for superiority and the laws governing Earth no longer apply. In true hero style, Robert Geary and Mele Darcy along with a small band of men have to fight off warships that have attacked Glenyon, a new colony.

For authors who are reading Jack Campbell for the first time, this novel is ideal as it combines drama with action and the horrors of combat and somewhere along the story he throws in a bit of real-life emotion into the mix. I got the impression that there was an initial excitement of discovering new planets, then once the people of Earth knew about other planets and their aliens, they felt irrelevant. Geary and his men keep the truth of their ship hidden from the others hoping they can get a head start at repairing it enough for it to be functional.

If readers liked the Titan Comics graphic novel of The Lost Fleet: Corsair by the same author and illustrated by Andre Siregar and Sebastian Cheng, then this novel version, part of a series should garner a lot of interest.

Military sf is becoming more popular nowadays with Titan as they know their readership, and Jack Campbell has the pedigree of a seasoned sf author fans want to include as their favourite. The author of five series of novels; The Genesis Fleet, The Lost Fleet Series, The Lost Stars Series, Stark's War, and Jag in Space Series ( the last two written under the pseudonym of John G. Hemry).