Wednesday, 28 June 2017


Amagai Brilliant Park Complete Season 1 Collection
Released By: Manga Entertainment
Rating: 15
Running Time: 325 Mins
Audio: English DD 5.1 Japanese DD 2.0
Release Date: 19/6/2016
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes 

When most guys get asked out on a date to a theme park, they don't expect to be asked at gunpoint! Isusu Sento demands he come with her to AmaBri or Amagai Brilliant Park and if he refuses she'll shoot him- again.

Kanie Seiga is reluctant at first but takes her up on her offer of sampling what AmaBri has to offer, but his attitude soon changes when he gets there. Imagine the sort of theme park you would hate, but way worse. The place is run down and more than in need of a lick of paint. By this point, Isuzu is still trying to convince him to give the place a chance but Kanie has already made up his mind-the theme park sucks big time.

What Kanie doesn't realise is the ones who work at AmaBri are fairies who if it doesn't work out will lose their home and cease to exist. When all else fails, Isuzu takes him to meet her boss, a real fairie princess who has prophesied Kanie is the one who will bring the crowds back to AmaBri, saving their home. As a way of making sure he knows for sure she and her subjects are magical, she plants a kiss on his lips, awakening his own latent powers of being able to read what is on other peoples minds. He is shocked at first when he reads Isuzu's mind, then he thinks this would be a useful skill to have.

In Japan the human and magical worlds collide as they are proud of their folklore, boasting the most fairy tales (mainly unwritten) in the world. Kanie is an egotistical yet practical type of guy not used to being dragged to a park where the supernatural can impress and encourage humans to appreciate them in a way they need. Visitors essentially keep them alive.

Kanie might be needed by Isuzu and the princess, though he has already made enemies of the workers at AmaBri. His general attitude and goading them didn't go well as expected, but Kanie insulted them on purpose. His motive? If they were angry at him insulting their work ethic and AmaBri, then they must be serious about making the place work as a theme park.

Amagai Brilliant Park is well animated and has characters you will constantly warm to even Kanie and his massive ego.

Bonus Material:For Blu-ray: Deluxe limited edition Blu-ray includes 2 x Blu-ray discs, 3 x DVD discs, Episodes 1-14 inside 14 mm Blu-ray case, with plastic o card, rigid collector's box and bonus poster.

Verdict: This is fun with a capital FAIRIE! Get it and enjoy the laughter!