Wednesday, 14 September 2016


Punch Line Complete Season 1 Collection DVD
Punch Line Complete Season 1 Collection
Released By: Animatsu
Rating: 15
Running Time: 300 Mins
Audio: English DD 5.1 Japanese DD 2.0
Release Date: 29/8/2016
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes 

Our unsung hero, Yuta Iridatsu is on a bus that has been busjacked by masked gunmen, he knows he is in way over his head as he isn't strong enough to take any of them on. What he doesn't expect is to try to take one of them on to protect the rest of the passengers, only to find his spirit has been removed from his body.

In order for him to get back into his body, he has to act fast with the help of cat spirit, Chiranosuke he has to upgrade his personal powers from novice in order to help the four friends he lives with at the Korai House apartment. What might have been Yuta doing his good deed of the day soon makes him feel as though he shouldn't have bothered as finding and getting his body back is harder than he first thought as his body - which he can see in another room thanks to his new growing abilities is being controlled by someone else.

What Yuta doesn't know is that Mikatan, Ito, Meika and Rabura, are all in an idol group called Seas May, and in secret they fight the crime that goes on in their neighbourhood and have cool code names to boot. Living with them is amazing, yet scary for him as he is a young man who is confronted every day by the sight of sexy young girls - his problem? If he sees their panties a second time, a meteor will destroy the Earth.

Talking cats feature a lot in anime; Darker than Black and Bleach come to mind. Here Chiranosuke (Chira) tells Yuta he's changed as a young man after the bus incident . Showing him a video feed to his own room, he tells him his body has been taken over by an unknown person who has put charm cards around the place so Yuta can't enter. What he doesn't know is who would want to do this to him?

As so much has happened to him, there has to be some hope that he can get his body back - he can, but Chira tells him he must go on a quest to find a famed book, The Nandala Gandala which is a scripture that is from India and contains a ritual to send his spirit back into his body. This doesn't mean he has to go all the way to India though, the book could be closer to him than he thinks. His journey this time takes him back to the rooms of the girls he lives with - and as they can't see him, he can get away with a lot more peeking than is good for him!

What struck me as new as I saw the menu was the fun feature of the cursor - it's a pair of luminous panties! I had fun navigating this particular menu, I can tell you! As for the characters, Yuta is the sort of kid everyone might have been, but secretly. He finds trouble wherever he goes but can't help but notice what is going on in the world around him is changing and from the point of view of a ghost, he can also spy on some of the hottest girls around - shame on him.

Bonus Material: Also available from Sentai Filmworks; Momokyun Sword, Gugure! Kokkuri-San, Wizard Barristers, and Blade Dance of the Elementalers.

Summary: Punch Line is a gamers dream as it's full of d&d style jibes, sexy girls and lots of naughtiness.