Monday, 5 September 2016


Attack On Titan The Movie Part 2: End Of The World DVD
Attack on Titan 2: The End of the World
Released By: Animatsu
Rating: 15
Running Time: 83:41 Mins
Audio: Japanese 5.1 & 2.0 with English subs
Release Date: Out Now!
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes 

When all hope had been lost, Eren came through in true hero form after being devoured by a Titan, he emerged as dominant entity, one who could kill other Titans and still retain his humanity. You would think that after he had saved their lives, his friends would be thankful, but at the start of this sequel, Eren finds himself tied up by order of the Director General.

The Director General shows his cruel side by trying to get his friends to turn on him, and orders him to be executed, but his friends know better and refuse to believe that the one who saved them would turn on them now. As Titans are considered to be mindless monsters, what none of them know is that there is a secret only Eren gets to find out.  Through scientific experiments over a hundred years ago, humans evolved into Titans  and no one could stop the outbreak. To say this movie was highly anticipated is an understatement as the entire manga and anime series' impact on the public. It's the survival of the fittest with the tight-knit group of Eren and co and avoiding the Titans wherever they go or confronting them knowing that eventually they will die trying.

Humanity relies on this group killing off the Titans, but how many there are is unknown. As far as the humans were aware, Titans came from nowhere and started attacking humans for no good reason and managed to eat most of the population of the world, brining civilisation to a halt. When the remaining humans built three concentric walls to prevent another attack, their naivety made them vulnerable as the Titans kept on coming and destroying any possibility of them having a decent life.

Hans insists that Eren is nothing more than a test subject since he has been exposed to the world inside the Titan, yet she still wants him alive. Armin and Sasha watch as their friend is in the final moments of his life. Another Titan breaking its way into the wall where they are makes Eren's escape much easier as does his friends from the Director General with  Hans assuming the dominant role in their group. Even though Eren pleads he is still human, they still doubt him part of the way through, even a certain person no one would have thought would still be alive.

This second movie spends part of the start by giving the viewers a recap of what happened in the first one where they find the realism of the horror the people faced. Only Eren who had been eaten by a Titan had the strength to destroy them and come out unscathed, yet everyone is cautious around him and thinks he has new powers. For viewers who thought the first movie was action-packed, this one continues the trend for high wire action, fight sequences that look out of this world and gory moments viewers will be waiting for as they will have remembered seeing them in the original anime.

Bonus Material: None

Summary: You've read the manga, seen the anime - now watch the movies that will blow your mind!