Tuesday, 20 September 2016


Akame Ga Kill Collection 2 (episodes 13-24) DVD
Akame Ga Kill Season 2 Collection
Released By: Animatsu
Rating: 15
Running Time: 300 Mins
Audio: English DD 5.1 Japanese DD 2.0
Release Date: 26/9/2016
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes 

While other beasts have been drastically reduced in the area, a new type of beast has emerged, one who wants to kill. Thought they look like humans, the are actually beasts in disguise. The Yeagers have protected bandits from returning, but they have a more pressing matter - the new beasts are stronger and more intelligent than they previously thought.

There are so many characters in this anime (as there were in the manga) that it would be a bore listing them and their relationships to the other characters, so I will mention what I think viewers would like to read about. And as there are so many, the story tries to cut between almost all of them to give viewers a bigger picture of what is going on between the Night Raid, the Capital and the Jaegers. There are other factions, but in this at the moment they don't matter so much or it would make the story more complicated than it already is.

Akame is still resentful toward Najenda who she always saw as her enemy in the first place, but as Najenda wants her to see things from another perspective, she has to persuade her to change her mind for the sake of the cause. Tatsumi and Esdeath continue their romance, at least from her perspective (Tatsumi has been evading her for some time as he doesn't feel the same way about her) and end up being transported to a remote desert island that by magic can be transformed into any terrain, from said island, to a chilly ice peak on an ocean.

By order of Prime Minister, Honest, Esdeath is tasked with taking down the Danger Beasts, but this journey also takes her into the heart of the resistance and the sight of her one true love, Tatsumi. The reason why the Death Beasts have left their normal foraging places like forests and mines for human populated towns is unknown, but their threat is all to real for him. Honest is seen as a vile man who doesn't mind letting his underlings die or having people assassinated who he deems a threat to him. He is also uninterested in his perverting the new young emperor if it means he can control him.

To show how dangerous the Danger Beasts are, several incidents pass where the Danger Beasts have hunted; a couple have had their house broken into and been eaten alive, while a group of men in a horse and cart have been ambushed by a bunch of them. The humans are lucky that the passers-by are Jaegers who are familiar with beasts and notice these Danger Beasts are much larger and fiercer than the previous ones. These Jaegers are seen as the warriors for justice; Bols, Esdeath, Kurome, Wave, Dr. Stylish, Run and Seryu. They all have their own fun personalities, especially Bols who is one of my favourites alongside Esdeath and Tatsumi. Bols being the funniest is always half-naked with a strange mask and pants with a posing pouch. Bols is nothing like he appears to be, he has good relations with his friends and wife and kid dote on him, making him look comical in front of his pals. He denies he is a good man due to all the bad things he did when he was younger, but as Tatsumi will remind him, he was only obeying orders from above. Esdeath is another one who's true nature is nothing like what people see of her. She is a hard fighter and fearless leader, yet she has fallen in love with Tatsumi who she has recently met up with. This for her is strange as she is always viewed as a strong person, so when Tatsumi is her weakness, people think it's strange. Tatsumi on the other hand wants to get his hand on a Danger Beast to show his skill as a warrior, but he's too scared to take one out for the sake of the group. Bumping into her was the last thing he wanted, but he has to put up with her as she is willing to protect him. The funny thing is that once she is around, she is actually a good influence on him (he even tries to protect her!).

As the story seems to revolve around Esdeath and Tatsumi, Tatsumi, if he's patient can get to hear her life story of why she acts as she does and why she has killed so many. He knows she is strong, and knows the rumours, but it isn't long before he sees her in a different light after the series of episodes where they are held captive. Those who liked Blood C and Attack on Titan will enjoy the complete series.

Bonus Material: Akakill! Theatre, Japanese Promo, Clean Opening Animation, Clean Closing Animation, Also Available from Sentai Filmworks Trailers for other anime series.

Summary: Comedy, action, and thrills from characters everyone will like - a fun show for all anime fans.