Thursday, 31 March 2016



Every so often, a new anime series hits the net and this one started earlier this year to interested audiences with the first trailer, then first episode - now there are four and they're as action-packed as you can imagine. 

Plot Summary
Long ago, a destructive world war begin between the tribes, at that time two tribes were leading the war. Sightsion and Devethor, Sightsion was fighting for goodness and Devethor was fighting for evilness, and the result of war was very disastrous for life as well as for world, then it was announced to all the people of every tribe that not to use their powers and skills for the sake of the planet.

And now after so many years has passed, evilness and crimes are taking place in the world once again, and now Sightsions have to unite for the new revolution, that’s coming ahead.

Sightsion is an cgi anime-influenced series created by Syed Farhan. The series is in 3D Animation under the production of Raise Creation

The series will be a long on-going show which is going to start from January 2016. The Series will follow the adventures of Sightsions and other characters, this fight is between the truthfulness and evilness in the world which is full of dangers and excitement. Its a story-mode show which leads you to a new experiences.


Rahion Sightsion

Rahion is polite, caring and joyful in nature, his favorite food is Honey and Chicken.He take things very personally whether its a commitment or a mission. His love towards his friends and family is very Special. He Passionate about fighting and to train his-self everyday, whenever he got a mission to complete he work day and night to complete that mission as soon as possible. Rahion get anger in very sensitive or danger time, otherwise his mind remain cool in every situation, he vow to fight on the truth-path and to spread truthfulness in the world.

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