Sunday, 29 November 2015


Press Release for So I Married an Anti-Fan 
Written by: Sandra Scholes

Based on an original novel by Eunjung Kim, So I Married an Anti-fan became one of the many popular graphic novel/manwha series by Wann and published by NETCOMICS. It is a romance with a rating of 13+ and is the perfect manwha for those who enjoyed Wann's other novel series and there will be many who will be interested in Korean romance manga. It's easy to see why its popularity has increased and with it the desire to make it into a K-Drama and a full-length Chinese movie after being a four volume hit - the unlikely idea of two opposites getting together.

Geunyoung Lee is a struggling modern woman who works as a reporter for a magazine and lives with her friend - she barely makes a living from what she earns, and wishes for a much better life even though there is little likelihood that she will make a good living. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Joon Hoo is the sort of celebrity women fawn over around Korea. He has a squeaky clean reputation as a movie star he likes to keep and there's no dirt on him in the media. Everyone wants to be him, but his reputation nearly ends up in tatters when Geunyoung accidentally spots him in a club dumping a girl he has obviously been dating. Geunyoung takes a photo of the incident and Joon gets angry, desperate to protect his image, and ends up making her lose her job, flat and dignity. From this moment on, Geunyoung decides her motivation in life is to bring down Joon Hoo once and for all.

Korean actress Seoyun makes her d├ębut in this new movie with EXO's Changeol being confirmed in the lead role. Filming has already started on the 3rd of November and the basic premise of the movie is a celebrity finally falls in love with a journalist who starts out hating him. Seohyun's credits are mainly in musicals, Gone with the Wind, Moon Embracing the Sun and Mamma Mia! With a single drama role in Passionate Love in 2013. A member of Girl's Generation and a voice actress for such movies as the Korean version of Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2 as Edith. Chanyeol, who is in the lead role has already seen Yuen Shanshan's movies already and views himself as somewhat of a newcomer to the movie scene even though he is a popular idol.

The manga was full of humour, shocks and eventual romance once Joon shows his sensitive, caring side toward his anti-fan. As many feel about popular games or manga that have been turned into movies, many will hope this is a movie that is worthy of it.

Work is also undergoing to fill the rest of the cast list.

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