Friday, 15 August 2014


Robotics;Notes Part 1
Released By: Manga Entertainment
Rating: 12
Running Time: 250 Mins
Audio: English  DD 5.1 & Japanese: DD 2.0
Release Date: 25/8/2014
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes

From the start you expect it to be a comedy in sci-fi/mecha territory from the opening animation, but in "Episode 1 Because Gunvarrel is Waiting?" Kaito Yashiro and Aki are the only remaining members of the Robotics Club. They are in need of more funding and many more people, but Kaito's grades aren't too good as he's always gaming on Gunvarrel.

The creator of the game he plays has him down as a cheat for being so good. Aki is still trying to get students to join their Robotics Club, but a certain character who looks like Aizen from Bleach constantly refuses her offer of joining.

Facilities at the school are huge, they have enough room for art class, kendo, rifle range, tennis, badminton, so their class only takes a small amount of room there. But behind the fun, Kaito and Aki have been working on a huge mecha they keep inside an old hangar, but it's unlikely they will get it completed before they graduate. The game Keita plays is called Gunvarrel but its also been made into an anime where the last episodes have the fans itching to see them.

Robotics;Notes Part 1 comes with fan service of Kaito looking through the hand held console's camera to change Aki into a neko bunny girl, and if she wants him to help her, he tells her he'll do it after she plays him at Gunvarrel. This becomes a running joke through the whole anime as much as Aki spacing out into her own dream world when she thinks about the possibility of the Robotics Club being a success. Just as she finds it hard getting students to join the club, she finds it equally hard to get them to help her out with her new project working on a smaller robot to enter it for a tournament. Kaito wants nothing to do with it, instead playing Gunvarrel while she works away.

In her mind, if she is to enter it for the Robo One tournament, the robot must be perfect. Subaru Hideki gets dragged into the Robot Club and that is only the start of the crazy robot building. Kaito is the game nerd who essentially gives out words of wisdom and helps sometimes, but it's Aki who does all the work trying to keep the club together while newcomer Subaru is the intelligent professor type who can help in more ways than he thinks.

Bonus Material: Play Episode 6 with Commentary, Text less Opening Song, "Junjo Superkutora," Text less Closing Song, "Umikaze no Brave,".
Verdict: Sci-fi, technical and definitely for the gamers out there.

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