Monday, 19 May 2014


Seishin Ink - Yaoi Manga to Look Out For.

Seishin Ink are a new European Yaoi manga publisher who seem to have sprung up from out of nowhere to impress us with their talent of artists and writers. They are all about Male/Male romance novels written in the English language as so many are written purely in Japanese and based in Japan. Seishin Ink publish text based novels and also publish text based novels which feature illustrations. Their aim is to produce high quality yaoi work that separates itself from other yaoi publishers. Having original and meaningful themes and unpredictable endings, they hope to attract the kind of original minded types who are interested in buying the novels or reading them chapter by chapter.

The publisher is run by Katsura and Yuramei, who just happen to be the writer and artist team behind these novels. From what I can tell, they have a lot to offer readers who like to read their yaoi while they travel. 

Their list of novels is as follows:

Current Releases

The Devil's Golden Boy Ch1

When in Hell, it's better to be favoured by the Devil than be left to rot with the rest of the damned.

The Gangster and the Samurai

Fate is a fickle thing, fortune a double edged sword.

Pity the Living

When the drudgery of office life becomes too much for IT expert, Masami Shirosaki, he decides to commit suicide.

Keep your eyes open on the Seishin Ink website for the three soon-to-be-released novels: 

Money, Bullets and Swag, Unruly Protege and Big Deal Volume: 2.

More information on Seishin Ink can be found at their website here:

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