Tuesday, 18 March 2014



Sword Art Online Part 4
Released By: Manga Entertainment
Rating: 12
Running Time: 250 Mins
Audio: English & Japanese: DD 2.0
Release Date: 31/3/2014
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes

The World Tree still seems such a long way up, but Kirito and Leafa have now escaped their foes after Kirito beat them with his Spriggan illusion magic and  Leafa's healing magic. Still with his mind on rescuing his beloved, it will take all his might and her magic to complete their assignments or die trying.

One of these assignments is them also rescuing Sakuya from the clutches of the Salamanders. They want to destroy the Undines and the Spriggan even though Kirito has come to the Salamander's leader as a Spriggan/Undine ambassador. Their leader, Eugene is far too cocky for his own good and insists on fighting Kirito but he has no idea of how good he is at fighting. The deal he gives Kirito is he will take him seriously only if he can fight him and live for 30 seconds. Kirito puts up an excellent fight, but the Undine aren't too sure he will beat Eugene. As we've seen in previous episodes of SAO, Kirito is very popular with the opposite sex, and Leafa notices this is true even after such a big battle. While he is hugged by two cute, well-endowed girls, Leafa has to fight them off in her own way.

In the second episode we get to find the truth about Alfheim Online and how Leafa feels about her brother. Asuna tries to get out of the cage at the top  of the World Tree but soon finds herself back inside again as it seems her captor sees all. What he might not see is Kirito getting closer to the World Tree and closer to finding Asuna, though if he flies too high, he might die or at least that is the rumour. Part 4 has Kirito finally getting to his destination - to rescue Asuna from the cage, but for now he has to go it alone, or that is what he tells Leafa. Kirito also has to address a lot of personal issues of his family and the repercussions f the previous SAO game and the effect it had on his sister. She thought it must have affected him as so many other gamers across the world had died. It isn't only the gaming aspect of the story that impresses though, it's the personal relationships with the characters you really get to know and feel are somehow real.

Episodes: 20-25 (end)
Language: English, Japanese, English subtitles

Bonus Material: Episode 21-22 Web Clips, Episode 23-24 Web Clips, Text less Opening and Text less Closing Animations.

Verdict: This is a wonderful end to a brilliant anime series.

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