Friday, 25 October 2013

GUEST POST by Keira Gillett of Love Romance Passion - Why Have One When you Can Have Two?

GUEST BLOG: Why Have One when you can Have Two? (Keira Gillett on Her Favourite Romance Periods in History.)

My favourite romantic era is actually two eras. The first is the Regency period, which if you read my blog, is very apparent. The second is historical American romance, which I cut my romance teeth on as a teenager. It’s a little harder to spot because I am reading less of it right now, but I do in fact love it to pieces.

Regency has long been a favourite. I love men in tight breeches and billowy shirts and cravats with many layers and starched points. I love the pace of seduction. I love the nobility and aristocracy inherent in every Regency romance. Aristocracy is not something you find in America. We do not have dukes and earls and the only way to become a countess is to marry a British earl. The closest we get to aristocracy that might be “similar” (which I say loosely) is celebrities and the very rich. I love women’s fashions and the grand balls. They all read a little like a fairy tale to a girl who loves her Disney.

As for historical Americana romance, LaVyrle Spencer’s Americana romances, which were the romances I cut my teeth on, are still some of my most favourite romances. Endearment, Vows, Morning Glory, The Gamble, Hummingbird, and Years are scrumptious. You really can’t go wrong with any of them and they are the romances I compare most historical American romances too because they are so full of emotional depth and richness of setting. It is with her books that I also started my love for characters with emotional scars, spinsters, and May/December tropes.

I shall wrap this up by saying any well executed historical will win me over, because I’m not just into the setting, but I am also into the pace of life, the absence of technology, the manners and mores, and of course, the development of characters which I can fall in love with and return to again and again.

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