Thursday, 24 October 2013


Goodbye Halcyon Days...

In the intro song Alones by Aqua Timez, Orihime Inoue turns round to see a menacing former Captain Aizen staring at her, his intentions obvious from season seven of the Bleach series.

Though Kisuke Urahara saw her as a burden in the upcoming war against Aizen, Aizen considered her an asset, her powers a gods, just as Ulquiorra envisaged.

Goodbye Halcyon Days was what Orihime wrote in her note book in reference to the fun days from the past she and her friends had experienced, and the troubled times ahead in the war with Aizen and his deadly Espada.

Who can blame her for feeling this way wnen she was abducted and kept as a prisoner by him - though her rescuers, Ichigo, Uryu, Chad and Rukia kept the Espada occupied enough to see if they could set her free.

In between this arc, there are new ones like the Zanpakuto arc that take our minds off the horrors that will follow, so keep watching the show and see what happens along the way.

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