Wednesday, 8 November 2017


Digimon Advenure Tri The Movie Part 2 Collector's Edition
Released By: Manga Entertainment
Rating: PG
Running Time: 75 Mins
Audio: Japanese with English subs
Release Date:  Out Now!
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes 

In the Digimon universe, it is said that all beings were born from fire becoming two different types of being; the creators and the destroyers. This means they are on opposing sides where the fighting will never end.

In Digimon Adventure Tri The Movie, infected Digimon are gunning after one of the good guys and the rest of them have to be ready to take on the enemy. They aren't as ready as they think when they go on a planned trip to the spa. They think this is going to be a fun trip, but we all know it is destined to go wrong. The Digimon have a request too: they want to go with them, but on one condition-they have to act like stuffed toys. This means no moving around, sneezing or saying a word around other humans.

The story tends to follow the typical comedic line of nearly exposing their Digimon selves to humans. When they get to the spa they find some Digimon start to go missing. Mei-Mei and co look for their Digimon around the spa, finally coming across them in the guys' changing room. This is one of the most embarrassing moments in the movie with both the girls and boys trying not to see each others bare bits!

The bigger picture in this movie is now that the Digi-Destined are at college, how can they grow up and still kick ass against monsters? These characters aren't ordinary types. They lead active and interesting lives having their own adventures; travelling, being in a band and dreams of making it as a soccer ace.

Rai takes up the mantle of being their leader, feeling his team mates are having to grow up at a greater rate and it bothers him that they might not be able to go through with it when the world is in peril from more monsters. Something else rears its head that sends the Digi-Destined into even more confusion: they are attracted to each other with Sora, Matt and Tai reeling from their own attraction.

As one of six movies that continue where the series left off, what we do notice are the conflicts of real life versus fantasy that invades real life and though it is painful for the characters, it provides much interest and entertainment for us.

Bonus Material: Digimon Adventure Tri The Movie – Part 2 Collectors Edition Includes: Double Walled Slipcase, BD Case with Reversible Sleeve, 1 x BD disc, Poster and set of Art Cards.

Summary: The Digi-Destined are on a mission to save the world,but can they also take some R&R time too? We'll see...