Thursday, 23 November 2017


Paprika Blu-ray/DVD Double Play
Released By: Manga Entertainment
Rating: 15
Running Time: 90 Mins
Audio: English 2.0 Stereo/ 5.1 Dolby
Release Date: 20/11/2017
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes 

A detective is busy having an appointment with his psychiatrist about his problems with solving a murder case he is on, and things aren't going as well as he'd hoped, but his psychiatrist isn't what anyone would expect, she is unique in the realms of dream psychology.

For most of us facing our fears is an altogether terrifying and daunting prospect, but in the future the DC Mini device could revolutionise therapy.

Placed around the ear, the DCMini is linked up to a psychotherapy machine so that when a person reaches REM sleep his or her dreams can be controlled in a way that is beneficial to the patient. The head of the DCMini development team is affectionately called At- chan, but leads a double life as a therapist, Paprika who helps patients come to terms with who they really are. When Paprika foes into the mind of a police investigator she finds he is on the trail of a perp he cant believe got away, but in helping him she also finds his brain has been hacked by a super criminal. People in the local area who have used the DCMini are being manipulated into causing mayhem.

Not long after the discovery the DCMini is banned until the culprit is found. At-chan has to answer to the board and assure them her team are doing their best to investigate. When Dr Chiba has his brain hacked At-chan has to channel her Paprika alter ego to find out who could have stolen the DCMinis and hacked them to do so much damage.

The main suspect is Himoro who worked on the project with the team and may have become annoyed at not being considered a real part of what they were trying to achieve. When Paprika enters the dream of Dr. Chiba she sees a strange world of a fairground that has long since been abandoned. Though there is a community of odd ghostly creatures and haunted objects in a procession who tease and taunt her. One that remains a constant is a small doll wearing a red kimono who teases her most. And the worst part of being brain controlled in this way is that the victim can be lured to their death as we see later in the anime.

I had heard of Paprika a few years ago but didn't have the chance to see it. Now that I have I would say it is highly recommended viewing for anime fans who like Ghost in the Shell.

Bonus Material: This set contains 1 DVD disc and one Blu-ray disc, with O-Card and Reverse Inlay Design.

Summary: Highly enjoyable and a treat for Christmas and New Year viewing!