Wednesday, 6 September 2017


Personal Immorality
Artist/Author: Ungyou
Publisher: NETCOMICS
Genre: BL/Yaoi
Reviewed by: Sandra Scholes

Premise: Dongsoo is parted with his lover after he witnesses her having a one-night stand with Inhan.To his surprise and dismay, the new laywer hired to his company happened to be Inhan, and they can't avoid running into each other at work.

As a revenge for ruining his love life, Dongsoo seduces Inhan's partners and somehow succeeds each time.

Inhan finds Dongsoo annoying, but somehow interesting in a way.

Review: Revenge is only sweet when you know what you're doing and for Dongsoo, well he's stuck with listening what his lover is getting up to while he is staying late at the office dealing with mountains of paperwork. His friend gets him so wound up on the phone that Dongsoo has to go and see for himself that his lover is cheating!

He can't believe she would do such a thing and with someone like Inhan, but once he's set himself a goal, he knows he will follow through with his plan of seducing Inhan on purpose. This only happens when his wife confesses what she has done and why; she doesn't get stimulated by him anymore and when he barged in on her, she felt annoyed at him. Dongsoo can see how she is feeling, her frustration at not getting enough close time with the man she set out to be with, but neglects to see how he must be feeling inside at her cheating on him, not once but three other times before! 

What makes it even worse is Dongsoo was intent on proposing to her and even after she had been cheating on him, was prepared to forgive her and start anew; she on the other hand wanted a clean break - which frustrates him even more.

I liked the idea of this manwha and have read Ungyou's manwha before so I thought this the obvious choice for a good read. There is however an overuse of screentone in the actual manga that can be annoying and the art can look amateur at times. It's all in black and white as expected, but the story rather than the manga is what kept me reading it.