Thursday, 14 September 2017


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Power Rangers Dino Charge Volume: 4 Rise
Released By: Manga Entertainment
Rating: PG 
Running Time: 80 Mins
Audio: English 2.0 Stereo/ 5.1 Dolby
Release Date: 2/10/2017
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes 

Sledge and his cohorts are planning something nasty so the five heroes have to work quickly and as a team this time in a four episode (with one bonus episode) disc with all different episodes with fun and interesting outcomes for the Power Rangers.

In Sync or Swim, a bomb is planted in Red Ranger's car by two of the most bungling of Sledge's henchmen, but this is the least of their worries as a mix of hatred and envy circulates around Ivan and his rival who wants to do all he can to ruin his chances of looking good in front of the girls. As there's a Fossil Fun Day at the museum, Ivan thinks it would be a good idea for him to be around.

I can't believe how corny the first episode starts out. Ivan, a silver knight on horseback (like something out of a romance novel) pulls out his sword and you get to see a glint show in his smile.

Ivan looks too much of a show-off to the other guys and revenge might be in order from a certain other ranger. Sledge's henchmen show how bad they are, they have special gadgets built into their suits, ones that let out gusts of red smoke to hide what mischief they are about to do to Red Ranger's car; pity it also smells!

There are several ways to notice how the Japanese and the Western versions have merged with this series. Slapstick fights are still the norm with comical consequences, huge dramatic explosions and like in many anime or Japanese live-action series, the characters shout out the names of their power. The bad guys in contrast are next to useless, funny and fear Sledge's wrath if they fail in their mission. In Sync or Swim, the Power Rangers have to be able to work as a team rather than squabble over petty differences. In True Black (no pun on Madonna's hit song intended) the Power Rangers are in training when they get alien life-signs and have to investigate possible trouble. When a trail of gold coins leads to one of Sledge's cohorts, they wonder why the showmanship. Koda takes an interest in the shiny coins until the other Power Rangers realise they are timed explosives. Sledge wants to get the Energem crystals back and this time it's Chase who has a problem with his own powers as his Dino Charge fails, and Kendall thinks it might just be his fault. And as three of the Rangers are trapped underground in one of Sledge's traps, it's a race against time for Chase to help release them.

The characters feel as though they are starting to get to know each other again when problems arise. There are times when they need to trust one another and accept that infiltration is a part of being involved as the Power Rangers. The stories have a way of keeping you watching even though it is a piece of TV nostalgia we can't get back in the days of the digital world and just for a moment, the 90s come flooding back...for some of us.

Bonus Material: None.

Summary: Retro is back - and its full of nostalgia, humour and slapstick just the way we like it!