Friday, 31 March 2017


Associates of Sherlock Holmes edited by George Mann

For the very first time, famous associates of the Great Detective – clients, colleagues, and of course, villains – tell their own stories in this collection of brand-new adventures. Follow Inspector Lestrade as he and Sherlock Holmes pursue a killer to rival Jack the Ripper; sit with Mycroft Holmes as he solves a case from the comfort of the Diogenes Club; take a drink with Irene Adler and Dr Watson in a Parisian cafĂ©; and join Colonel Sebastian Moran on the hunt for a supposedly mythical creature…

Considered a fan favourite author by many, George Mann has his own collection of novels he penned recently for Titan Books; Encounters of Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock Holmes: More Encounters of Sherlock Holmes and Sherlock Holmes: The Spirit Box. Here, George has collected several short works from equally popular writers.

What I liked about this book were the stories, writers such as James Lovegrove, Lindsay Faye, Andrew Lane, Nick Kyme and Gavan Scott wrote them from the character's own point of view. Meet the villains, allies and clients all of whom knew Sherlock and from their own writings found what kind of man he really was. In previous novels, we only read accounts of Holmes's dealings through Dr. Watson, so to read accounts through other witnesses eyes is more interesting. Most of us would find it hard to know what to expect from others, so there is a certain excitement to reading these stories.

Persons of interest are Colonel Sebastian Moran, Mrs Hudson, Lestrade, Irene Adler and Langdale Pike. This is surely the most awaited book of Sherlock Holmes stories of the moment as avid readers will no doubt want to see stories from other, lesser known characters. It is worth getting this book as it is a unique look through the eyes of some of the best characters I've read about in this genre.