Saturday, 25 March 2017


Nisekoi False Love Season 2 Box 1
Nisekoi False Love Season 2 part 1
Released By: Manga Entertainment
Running Time: 250 Mins
Audio: English DD 5.1 Japanese DD 2.0
Release Date: 17/4/2017
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes 

Relationships in anime are always difficult and in some can be near impossible as in Raku and Chitoge’s case there will be problems as she is in love but thinks she's his fake girlfriend. Raku isn't what anyone would call a catch; he's rough and ready, yawns all the time and rude to most of the girls in his class without realising it. Chitoge remains optimistic in case she intends to date him for real.
When Raku tells the girls he's got his locket back, Tachibana is eager for him to unlock it and find out who his first love is. Chitoge though is reluctant to as she thinks she will lose out to Tachibana. What she's forgetting is in the last series the locket was broken and Raku sent it to get fixed. He got it back since, but it's still broken and dissuades the girls from using it as they might not get the outcome they want.

Nisekoi is a funny series with Chitoge and Tachibana with Raku in a silly love triangle. The ever vigilant Tsugumi is always on hand to protect Chitoge who seems to encourage trouble to happen around her. The funnier parts come when the girls think they are Raku's true love when they have no idea what the outcome will be without the locket being in full working order. One case in point is Chitoge who does all she can to attract Raku's attention; wearing lip gloss, tying a different ribbon in her hair and bringing a new bento box to lunch. It's futile of course and she thinks Raku hasn't noticed as he's said nothing of the subtle changes to her appearance. They both want to know whether their first kiss will be with him, though the appearance of a mystery assassin urges Tsugumi to charge in to rescue Chitoge and Raku before she tries to steal her first kiss!

The characters go through a lot of turmoil even with Raku having to explain to his rival that a person's first kiss is precious to them, not to be used lightly. Tsugumi we find also has feelings for Raku but has since tried to hide them. Now she wrestles with her conscience as she can’t bear the thought of anyone else kissing Raku. What makes this more astonishing is Tsugumi has never had feelings for Raku before, so this kind of panic is alien to her in a way she has not experienced.

After the first series, the girls have almost come to understand their feelings for Raku. They know they all have feelings for him but what bothers them is whether they will be his chosen lover. The tension really builds up for all the main characters here and as they can't unlock the locket until a time when it is fixed, they are left with a dilemma they can't sort out. Raku is as clueless as they come, but hides a much nicer, considerate side while Chitoge and Tachibana believe they are his true love not knowing they have another rival in Tsugumi. Incidental characters like Paula provide some good entertainment, though it's the situations the main characters are shunted into and what they do about it that makes for the most fun. A harem comedy has never been so hilarious.

Bonus Material: Clean Opening and Closing Animation.

Summary: Enjoyable, madcap and full of fun you never expected from Nisekoi!