Saturday, 24 December 2016


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Dom of Las Vegas Sin City #1
Author: Tricia Owens
Publisher: Amazon Media EU
Pages: 169
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes

To have the man of his dreams, he may have to give up his own...

Ethan Winter has known since he was a kid that he wants to work for the FBI. Until then he's stuck modelling underwear and photographing cheating spouses for a private investigator.

But when a trip to Las Vegas for a security conference brings him into contact with the magnificently dominant Maxmillian Poole, Ethan finds himself faced with a dilemma: pursue his childhood dream or become the partner of a man who seems to know him inside and out and who offers a life any submissive would crawl for.

Two men meet in one of the most unusual circumstances; Ethan, who has done his level best to make it in his chosen vocation graduating college to get into the FBI, but to pass the time he decides to go for a job with a private investigation company and going on a business trip to Las Vegas is one of the best moves he could have made as it leads him to Maximillian.

When Ethan ends up chatting with the boss of The Elite Poole, Max, he doesn't realise how well they get on. The Elite Poole is a security firm who has bodyguards to celebrities who like handsome men around them for reasons other people don't know. After Max has had a bad previous relationship, he might be reluctant to start another with a future handsome FBI agent, but when he sees Ethan he feels as though he wants him there and then.

Most of us don't have two choices when it comes to life and career, but Ethan finds he has two he can easily pursue, but one comes at a cost, yet knowing he is a sub means he would enjoy being another man's lover who would do as he's told. I have read many books that focuses on doms and subs, and this one seems, at least to me the most realistic where Ethan makes his choice based on the 'what if' idea; making me think that he might have regretted it if he didn't see what it was like being a sub to someone as dominant as Max.

What I found about this novel in particular was that it was interesting and easy to read. The characters had their own problems and had to focus on what they wanted in life and decisions had to be made for the good of the story (Ethan choosing to be a lover rather than pursue his career meant he wanted more from life than work. His love life needed some sorting out, so he saw the opportunity of a lifetime with Max and who can blame him. One thing to bear in mind is the bdsm in this novel might not be for everyone's tastes as it does delve into the extreme at times during the sex scenes, and as expected, Max treats him like his own toy. That said, this is what Ethan expected and knows what he is getting into from the start, so he doesn't and can't complain unless it's for sexual effect for the reader.

For those who like to get into Tricia's brand of erotic writing (like I do) they might be impressed to read that there are several books in the series to enjoy once they've read this one.