Saturday, 17 December 2016


Death Note Complete Series and OVA Collector's Edition Blu-Ray
Released By: Manga Entertainment
Running Time: 840 Mins
Audio: English DD 5.1 Japanese DD 2.0
Release Date: 19/12/2016
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes

It's hard to believe that when the manga was released in some Asian countries, it was banned for being too controversial. The antagonist of the story is Light Yagami, an A student with a bright future ahead of him. This all ends when he finds a black note book outside his school. He thinks nothing much of it until he opens it, finding it blank, but attached to it is a shinigami (death god) who advises him how to use the book.

The reason for the controversy is that the book Light finds is a death note where a person could write another person's name in it and they would die. Ryuk the shinigami would use it routinely, and as he's got bored with using it, he uses Light as an experiment to see what a human would do with it any different to him. Light sees the book as an opportunity to get rid of all the cruel and evil humans who, he believes should not be allowed to live on the same planet as him. Murderers, rapists, muggers, burglars would all feel Light's wrath as if he were a death god. Light has a keen, high intelligence as well as being a loner, which puts him in the hikikomori section of society where he could also prove to be a problem, and he does. Another thing that proves problematic is that his father is in the police and hopes that one day Light will follow in his footsteps.

As the story progresses, Light isn't the only one with one of these special notebooks, others have them and attached death gods steer the unsuspecting humans to kill others of their own kind in a game to see what happens. Light we find has learned the best way to use the death note; he calculates times and places to kill off those who have led a bad life, seeing himself as an invisible punisher until the police find the bodies of each he kills - then Light has to start killing those who would go after him.

Death Note is the one anime that can have viewers questioning their own morality. With less police out doing their jobs, can a vigilante like Light take out the wrongdoers in society who make it unsafe for the rest of us? He is killing them after all. He could knock them out and leave them for the police to find, so that their victims can have justice, but the anime wouldn't be as extreme. Controversial Death Note is, though it is one of those gems that earns a great following among its viewers as it has become one of the most popular anime besides Naruto and Bleach.

If you already own the original DVD edition of Death Note, The Blu-ray edition will come as quite a different look, with the characters looking sharper as do the backgrounds, the emphasis is on quality with this anime, and it for some time has been one that has been waited for a long time., plus the extras that there are in this new edition make it something special.

Bonus Material:
Contains episodes 1-37 plus Death Note Relight OVAs on a bonus Blu-ray disc
Also features exclusive collectors edition rigid box packaging
Languages: English, Japanese and English Subtitles

Summary: Death Note has always been an anime that is close to anime lover's hearts as it's a horror thriller with bite and characters that are memorable.