Friday, 12 August 2016


Lazer Team Director's Cut DVD
Lazer Team Director's Cut
Released By: Animatsu
Rating: 15
Running Time: 102 Mins
Audio: English DD 5.1
Release Date: 15/8/2016
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes 

When a message is received from another world, it's obvious there's alien life outside of what we know existed, but the message isn't a peaceful one, it's quite the opposite. It warns of an alien champion coming to Earth to fight a champion of Earth in a battle to determine the fate of the planet.

It just so happens that an Earth champion has been chosen and there's tell of a battle suit that will give him extra capabilities and strength during his battle. He is Adam (Alan Ritchson) and he has been put through some of the most rigorous testing known to man since he was a kid, and has waited for the moment he could don the suit to become the champion. There is only one problem, an alien space ship has crash landed with the suit on board next to four random guys having an argument. These are Hagan (Burnie Burns), Woody (Gavin Free), Zach (Michael Jones), and Herman (Colton Dunne). So far they had only heard of UFO rumours, now they get to investigate a crash site before any authorities can get their mits on it.

Inside the ship is a suit, one glove, a helmet, two boots and a shield - instead of choosing their own champion, they each pick up one of the parts and put them on, then find out that they are four people who must work together to become one big champion. Woody gets a message through his helmet telling him the alien race are the Antarians who sent it so they could train to become the best. It's such a shame they are idiots who don't get on, or things would turn out a lot better. It isn't long before they get the attention of the same team working with Adam, who put them through the testing he had.

While the guys pull off one funny stunt after another, Adam gets more mad that they aren't taking their situation as serious as he is. But he isn't the only one mad at them, Hagan keeps getting blamed for past problems, and it seems only his becoming a part of Lazer Team will right things with him and his new friends.

This could be the funniest sci-fi movie of 2016 with four unlikely heroes getting caught up in a battle to save Earth from an evil alien species, the Worg who has tried to destroy Antaria once before. Cue several pop culture references to other cool films and social media gibes that make sense. Take note of the RWBY indent on a certain character's tablet, a thousand likes on Facebook and the funny commentary when they eventually fight the alien champion. Heroes they aren't, but at least they try and they all have their own problems to deal with. Some of the most hilarious scenes in this movie are where the Lazer Team are put through the same tests as Adam. They aren't as good as he was, and they don't enjoy being ordered around by him either. They know that if the suit had been worn by one person, that one would be easier to train, but as they are all wearing the suit individually, they have to work together as a team if they can pull off some serious moves to beat this alien champion. No one said it would be easy, but with these guys, it's that much harder.

Watching Red vs Blue comes in handy as some might recognise certain voices , plus it's from Rooster Teeth, the ones who brought the Halo comedy. It's a story of in-jokes, gags and funny moments, and like most comedies it can be watched again. There are no boring moments, too much technobabble but you can wrack your brain for the pop culture references to the max. Also, this isn't just a great movie, it has plenty of extras in the bonus section that you can also howl at.

Bonus Material:
Audio: DD 5.1 English Commentary on/off (with Matt Hullum, Aaron Marquis, Chris Demarais & Josh Flanagan. Subtitles: English/German/Spanish/French/Antarian (yeah, you read that right, I tested it and it's real funny!)

Deleted Scenes and extended Scenes:
Suit Yourself
Eye Spy
Meeting Adjourned
Robot Dick
Inconvenience Store
History of the Human Species
Concept Art
VFX Breakdown
Orchestra Featurette

Summary: If you want laugh out loud humour, cool in-jokes, gibes and excellent CGI, you've come to the movie of the year - maybe!