Tuesday, 16 August 2016


Dalgeun, The Invincible
Author: Kamdae
Publisher: NET COMICS
Genre: Comedy/All ages
Reviewed by: Sandra Scholes

Shuttling spirits at Afterlife Company is not everyone's dream job.
It certainly isn't Ohee's.

Having been tricked into working for the souls transportation company as a grim reaper, Ohee rejoices at seeing new recruits only to watch them flee to other departments.

Extremely stressed, she is determined to find her replacement in order to escape the toughest department in the company even if it means sacrificing an oblivious thug.
Unbeknownst to Dalgeun, his life as a ruthless loan shark is in danger when Ohee eyes him as her successor.

Remember when most manga was in black and white, well this one is very different and that is what attracted me to this particular one. It's in full colour and starts out with a great amount of energy in a mix of pastel hues and bright, bold colours.

Before only Bleach and Soul Eater tackled with the idea of former humans tracking down souls and sending them to the afterlife, but never did we have one who actually didn't enjoy what he did. Here Ohee dislikes working for the Afterlife Company and hopes to find someone who can take over her role. Lucky for her she finds Dalgeun, who with his life coming to a standstill has no option but to take her up on her offer of a different kind of job offer.

As no one ever sticks with the job, Dalgeun could be the one to tip the balance and be the sort of grim reaper to enlist others, but she has to be able to work with him first.

Bright, fun and a hilarious comedy that refuses to let-up with loads of gags and interest for the manwha fan.