Tuesday, 5 January 2016


Bleach Complete Series 15 Box Set
Released By: Manga Entertainment
Rating: 12
Running Time: 309 Mins
Audio: English & Japanese DD 2.0
Release Date: Out Now!
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes 

While Aizen has been defeated and sentenced to more than life in prison, the Soul Society and the human world can breathe a sigh of relief, or can they? Soul Reapers have been going missing in the Precipice world and even though Ichigo has been an ally through all their wars and problems, he is considered the only suspect.

Kon isn't missing out on the strangeness, he finds a girl lying on the ground and Ichigo and Rukia wonder who she is and why she is there. Called Nozomi, she tries to interact with their world in the best way possible, but she knows she has to get back to her master - even if he could be a danger to the Soul Society and the human world. It doesn't take long for both Ichigo and Rukia to notice that the missing Soul Reapers have been replaced by Reigai, imposters who act and look like their original lieutenants and captains, but who want to destroy anyone who gets in their way - the guy they're working for is the same guy who just happens to work for a certain very real Soul Reaper captain. 

The new enemy to the Soul Society is very tall and extremely cocky, he sees those who work for him as slaves, including Nozomi, who is one of the most downtrodden souls ever featured as a character in Bleach since Momo. It is strange to see Ichigo on the run from those he called friend and ally, but when he finds they aren't his real friends, it makes it easier to face them in battle along with Rukia. What is fun is seeing other allies trying to get in the way, like Captain Kuchiki, who as we know has had issues with him since day one. Though it is a fun series, this enemy is very different from others who have tried to cross the Soul Society, and he doesn't have the flair for the theatrical that Aizen does, he has his own sense of menace he projects well to the audience.

Bonus Material: Clean Opening and Clean Closing Animation with Artwork and Trailers for other anime series.

Summary: Darker, deep and much anticipated since Aizen's defeat - this new enemy is a worry as Ichigo is slowly losing his powers.