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Naruto Shippuden Box Set 14
Released By: Manga Entertainment
Rating: 15
Running Time: 300 Mins
Audio: English & Japanese DD 5.1
Release Date: 23/9/2013
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes

We've all seen fights between Naruto when he's been taken over by the Nine-Tails form, Naruto versus Orochimaru was one of the best, but this one far surpasses it.

Hinata tried to help Naruto, but Pain hurt her and that triggered Naruto's transformation into the Nine-Tails. Anger and deep burning hatred are brought out and it's his friends who have to help him out later once he finds out what he's done. This time around it's him and Pain fighting and though his friends are safe out of the way of danger, Captain Yamato has noticed that the seal in his palm is fading and he needs to get to Naruto fast. It doesn't help that Naruto has had his necklace broken by the Nine-Tails, and has already sprouted an eighth tail.

Five episodes in Naruto gets to find out who is behind the Pains he has just fought, and seeks his hidden lair, but what he finds there isn't what he expected. The real Pain accepts him, and in return he tells him the story of his life, and about the two Pains he had to come to terms with when still a young boy.From the Hidden Rain village, Nagato saw his parents murdered one night when two starving ninja wearing Hidden Leaf headbands raided their house for food. The ninja war at that time had all but devastated their land. Shaken and startled, they panicked, killing them, forcing Nagato to flee his home for a better place. Lack of food drove him to search far and wide for a place to stay, but no one was prepared to help him, or his new friend, a dog he names Chibi. Near death, he is eventually saved by a young girl called Konan who gives him bread, more than he's had in the months he's been travelling and takes him to her lair and a new friend called Yahiko. They have more than enough provisions to last out the war, but they have only managed to do this by stealing what they need. Stealing is the only way to survive the harsh life the war has left them with, but it comes with a price, at times they can steal a lot if they work together, but in others they get nothing but beaten up by the market stall holders. Pain's story might remind avid anime watchers of Rukia and Renji's battle to survive in the Rukon District in Bleach.

Their realization that they can't go on like this has them thinking they want to become shinobi and take an active part in the war, but on their own terms as all of them have strange abilities they can use. While Naruto is trying to find answers to Pain's questions, Naruto finds his friends are busy helping revive the fallen in battle. Lady Hinata is one of the most injured from Pain's assault, and there are many more who they fear might die if Naruto can't make it back to help the Leaf Village. There is more to the story as it is about what the ninja did earlier that had consequences for the next generation of shinobi. As with Nagato, he suffered at the hands of ninja from other villages ravaging the Hidden Rain. This built up his hatred of others, making him the man he is, but with an ally in Konan. Pain doesn't think that man can ever change the way they are, and it's a good question that Nagato asks a lot. Through his life he has seen death, misery, and felt the pain of war, but if Naruto has the answers he needs, maybe the pain can stop and he could be the child of prophecy Jiraiya was talking about.

On disc 1 as well as the standard arc, there is also a Naruto Shippuden Special - Big Adventure! The Quest for the Fourth Hokage's Legacy Part 1 & 2 to enjoy as it goes back to a part of the past where the original team 7 went on a mission while Sasuke was still a part of the group. It is funny in places, but also gives us clues to help solve the mystery of other characters in the series. Naruto this time around has given us some of the best fight scenes in anime history that can rival many of the top series like Bleach and One Piece. Naruto in Nine Tails mode can give as good as he gets and proves to be unstoppable as far as Pain is concerned, and he is unfortunate enough to be fighting him without his sealing in place. Naruto shows how mature he has grown as his friends and senseis are panicking around him. Viewers of Bleach will be able to spot certain references to the anime in this, as well as some of the actors also voicing for the other anime series.

Bonus Material: Production Art and Trailers.

Verdict: The most explosive fight scenes, the best humour and fun to have for 300 minutes!

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