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Hidden Leaf - Hidden Lives: The Minor Characters in Naruto Shippuden

While all the fan girls want to hear all about Sasuke, the other half want to hear all about Gaara, but if you look further, there are other minor characters who are just as interesting.

Hinata Hyuga has grown up in the shadow of her cousin Neji as he is seen as far superior to her in all the combat disciplines. She once thought she could not beat him or even hope to match his skills, but she has become one of the best fighters of Team Kurenai. And while everyone disliked Naruto when he was younger and only known for having the nine-tailed fox spirit inside him, Hinata tried to befriend him even though her father told her not to associate with him. Despite being less strong than Neji, she cultivated her skills, and rather than listening to what others said, she got to know Naruto, and even chose to help him if he needed it. She is one of the only Shinobi who can see Naruto for who he really is.

Sai is introduced to Team 7 after Sasuke's absence as it looks like he's not coming back. HIs entrance into the team couldn't be at a worse time either, as tempers are frayed at the loss of their original team mate. Sakura is hurt that he left her and told her he felt nothing for her, while Naruto couldn't bring him back and feels the despair that follows this loss. None of them like Sai being there, and both tell each other he's "no Sasuke," while trying to carry on as Team 7, though their hearts aren't truly in it. Sai's interest in art is what makes him the character he is, his justu style lies within his determination to fit in even though the shoes he wants to fill are bigger than he is. He is a tactless guy who can annoy his team mates, but after his training with the Foundation, he decides to join Team 7 permanently through Naruto's influence. From the first time he is seen in the village, it is easy to think he might betray his friends, but he sees Sakura and Naruto as his friends and even confides in them about the other boy in the book he always carries around with him. As he has been trained not to feel emotion on the battlefield, Sai has seemed to others a harsh person, though he aspires to be like the other members, throwing off the shackles of his previous existence under Danzo and makes a new life he can be proud of.

Kabuto is technically the enemy and Lord Orochimaru’s accomplice, but considering his past, he hasn’t had such a great childhood being an orphan, left abandoned in a village he never felt welcome in.  Meeting Lord Orochimaru later was the best thing that had happened to him, as he starts out as an instructor in the Hidden Leaf village, but also works under Orochimaru in secret. He is aware that his master wants Sasuke to work for him; his ultimate goal is to possess his body. Kabuto might come across as strange, but he is strong and doesn’t mix well with others. He admires his master for his powers of regeneration and the amount of forbidden jutsu he possesses, yet he can use amazing jutsu as well, summoning Manda, the giant boa who can be brought out to fight on their behalf. Though summoning him during the fight between Jiraiya, and Lady Tsunade, Kabuto was afraid for his life when Manda demanded at least a hundred souls as payment for getting a knife through his mouth.

Ever faithful to his master, he would do anything for him; even offering him his own body when it looked like Lord Orochimaru might die trying to shed his previous host body. Kabuto may be devoted to him, but let’s not forget that Lord Orochimaru knew that he wanted to kill Sasuke as he thought he would replace him.

Out of all three characters it’s Kabuto we know the least about, so it will be good to se what the future holds for the Sound Village’s bad guy.

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