Monday, 25 February 2013

Ze Volume: 4  
Released By: DMP
Writer and Artist: Yuki Shimizu
Cover Art: Yuki Shimizu
Release Date: Out now!
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes

Genma is saddened by the loss of his lover, Himi after he was stabbed by an assailant - amid the tears and pain he feels are nothing compared to his emptiness at his loss, so there is only one thing he can do - he must have the doll maker bring him back to life in human form and this time he must be bound to Genma and him only - no one else can have his body!

What annoys him is the fact that once he brings him to life, Himi has no memories of their time together, their romantic love or any form of affection he shared for Genma - Himi is a totally blank slate. Turning his love for Himi into hatred, he takes out his shock at him not remembering their love against him, and loses all feeling for him, leaving Himi wondering what he is doing there.

It is a sad tale of now unrequited love that means Himi might not be able to be resurrected in the way Genma thought. It also means that the doll master is getting a lot of fun out of watching Genma squirm at the thought of him not being the same once he comes back to life. There is a lot of feeling in this volume and the reader will be able to get a real understanding of how the characters feel during the sequences. The relationship between Genma and the doll maker is a shaky one at best, as he constantly teases him and the reader will notice he acts as though he has little or no liking for him at all. This much shows in the story, though it is a nice touch that Himi is so cute and longs to be loved throughout.

Forming chapters 17 to 21 plus a bonus manga, Slave to Love Ze is shaping up to be an interesting yaoi with all the ingredients for a supernatural series; unforgettable one liners, humour, feeling and emotions running wild for the characters involved.

Verdict: Passionate and well written - this is a manga for those who like their yaoi sensual, sexual and out of this world!

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