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Naruto Shippuden Box Set 30
Released By: Manga Entertainment
Rating: 12
Running Time: 336 Mins
Audio: Japanese with English subs
Release Date: 13/11/2017
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes 

As Sasuke Uchiha has made an appearance, he has left the teams confused as to why he changed sides. Everyone thought he had sided with Lord Orochimaru and vowed to destroy the leaf village after what he discovered from his brother. Shikamaru thinks even less of Sasuke for turning up and doesn't accept him as part of the team. He doesn't have to. Sasuke wants to protect the leaf from further attack as his brother wanted peace above all; though there is the issue of him telling everyone present he will become hokage after the battle

Despite Shikamaru's objection to Sasuke being there, he does know they need a powerful ally in him so let him, Naruto and Sakura become Team 7 again even if it looks like ten tails could become too much for them.

You would think this box set would be more about fighting, but for some of the characters it is more to do with reflection on their past. Here Sakura reminisces of when she was part of Team 7 and she lagged behind them in strength. Thus is before she is taken on as an apprentice by Lady Tsunade. Once she left her feelings for Sasuke behind, Sakura grew in her strength and healing ability, gaining a greater power through the 100 healings mark she has on her forehead. In battle when Sakura uses her punch, she shocks Naruto into never messing with her again when she gets mad and amazes Sasuke with her power, never seeing her as a weak woman again. Sakura remembers an important part of being a kunoichi; to never let herself get killed as she is as much a fighter as she is a healer.

A lot of what happens in this story is to do with tolerance of others and it's found in almost every character; Sasuke realizes Naruto had his best intentions toward bringing him back to the leaf, Obito has to understand that Kakashi did his best to try and protect the ones he worked with as a ninja despite his love for Rin, it clouded his judgment and set him off on the wrong path. Now that Sasuke is back, he can make a difference for the resistance against Madara, but it isn't up to Naruto and Sasuke to do this; everyone has to pull together if they want to be free of Madara's hold.

As the ten tails threatens to destroy all in its path, they have to prevent the worst case scenario of the infinite tsukuyomi happening.

Sakura and Sasuke aside, Kakashi is having his own inner struggle and we get to see his past as a member of the ANBU Black Ops team. He was a fearless warrior with the special abilities he got from Obito's eye. This gives him an advantage, but as he has a tendency to keep his feelings in check, he earns a reputation for being cold and heartless to others, his nickname Cold-Blooded Kakashi couldn't be further from the truth. As he fights Obito now, he shows how sad he has become at his former comrade's hatred of him. Back when he was with the ANBU, Kakashi has to find out the truth behind illegal experimentation, and insurgents from within the ANBU, but what is truly interesting for any fan, a new young ninja has come to be a part of the Black Ops, one Itachi Uchiha. Here Kakashi and Itachi start to get on as comrades, he seeing that Itachi is a fast, very able ninja being of the Uchiha clan. What happens is true Naruto Shippuden gold that is a must watch.

Bonus Material:Storyboards, Art Gallery, Clean Openings/Clean Endings, and English Credits.

Summary: This box set has lots of  heart in your throat moments, thrills and unexpected turns of events to keep you watching. Don't stop!

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  1. Great to see a certain character back on the scene. Took his time, didn't he? Looks like the gang is back together. Love this box set.