Thursday, 20 April 2017


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Blacklist - The Dead Ring No. 166
Author: Jon McGoran
ISBN: 9781783298068
BIC Code:  FH, FF
Specs: 174 x 108mm
Pages: 400
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes

Blacklist: The Beekeeper No. 159 was the first tie-in novel from Titan, now Blacklist: The Dead Ring No. 166 is Jon McGoran's new original novel based on the hit TV series. Currently on Sky in its fourth season starring Stargate actor James Spader as Raymond Reddington and Elizabeth Keen.

After surrendering to the FBI, Raymond has  collected a list of the most dangerous criminals around the world and offers to help the FBI tracking these criminals with the help of profiler Elizabeth Keen. 

This novel takes us first to Turkey where there has been a warehouse fire, South Africa where a mine collapse has taken place and a ferry disaster in Indonesia. What would normally be tragic accidents, Red suspects foul play. It might be dangerous but Keen has to go undercover to investigate a deadly game called the Dead Ring that could be behind it.

The Dead Ring is a cross between a reality TV show, a gladiator contest and a snuff film where the players fight for a jackpot that ranges in the millions. As it is believed to be nothing more than an urban legend, the reason for the catastrophes has never been proved. Like on the movie Hostel, the whole thing is organised in secret where only a small group of rich elites bet on each game, meaning that there will be more on the way.

Blacklist: The Dead Ring has lots of short chapters that get right to the heart of the story, lessening the chance the reader will get tired with the situations presented. Rather you will enjoy its fast pace and feel of danger throughout.