Monday, 9 May 2016


Ghost In The Shell: The New Movie DVD
Ghost in the Shell The New Movie
Released By: Manga Entertainment
Rating: 15
Running Time: 100 Mins
Audio: English & Jap DD 5.1 with English subs
Release Date: 9/5/2016
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes 

There have been many animated movies made from Ghost in the Shell. All different, but all trace the discoveries of Major Motoko Kusanagi while she is working for the Public Security Section 9, a special task force comprised of former officers working for the police. Here, Motoko is ordered to take on an organisation of terrorists who have taken over a building and have hostages. She and her newly appointed men have to use their knowledge to sort them out, but as there are other outside influences who could cause trouble, Section 9 is very much needed.

Here it looks like we have gone right back to the start where Motoko has been assigned to Section 9 who knows she can do a better job, while Motoko concentrates her efforts on a terrorist group who have planned to cause havoc.

Motoko has strength, guile and intelligence, but she needs her men around her, men who at first don't like the idea of working with her when they think she might take over from them due to her cyber modifications. Motoko and her men end up being the best team ever, but this is the beginning of what I think might be a new series of anime movies based on the original anime and manga series.
This doesn't surprise me as there is a new live action movie planned with Scarlet Johansson as the major.

Motoko's men are all in various states of having prosthetics built into their bodies, though none have full cyborg as they feel they might not retail full control over their minds, or bodies if viruses ever got into their systems. The basic premise is that an embassy building in Japan has been taken over by an organisation who want changes to the new military structure. Bombing the building the president is in at a meeting is just the sort of thing Motoko would expect and acts on with the strength we have come to expect of her. The newly appointed Section 9 is not without its floors though as there seems to be issues with their budget and how much power Motoko can wield. In Ghost in the Shell there are terrorists everywhere who all want to change the status quo and won't take no for an answer, but Motoko and her men of Section 9 are what stands between order and chaos, even if others in high up organisations want to tip the balance in their favour through corruption and violence.

Though the animation is fluid and it is easy to tell the improvements of colour, detail and digital special effects, you can tell instantly who the main characters are as they have made extra effort to maintain their particular look.

Bonus Material: No bonus material.

Summary: Action, special effects, drama and sci-fi atmosphere - it's all there if you want to enjoy a new version of a classic movie.