Tuesday, 5 April 2016


Creator: Syed Farhan
Production: Raise Creation
Reviewed by: Sandra Scholes

First one went streaming, now there are five episodes for eager anime fans to take a look at as new series, Sightion looks like it is keen not to disappoint. The basic summary for it is that a world war had started among two tribes, Sightsion and Devethor, one good, the other evil - it's an ages old idea, but one which is used well here. As the war had devastated the planet, it was agreed that no one would use magic for the sake of saving the planet as it is, but nothing ever stays good all the time, and soon evil started to take over once again.

While the evil is taking place on various parts of the planet, Sightsions all around have to come together and show that evil can't overcome the good in the world. The Sightsions will have a fight on their hands - but they've come prepared!

The series started from January 2016 and will be ongoing and will be about the characters who are Sightsions who fight for what they believe is right in the world around them, against the evil characters who will crop up and become known to the viewers. It is an adventure in a fantasy environment full of action and drama and gets into the real nub of what the characters think and feel throughout the series.

For fans of anime, this is a cgi 3D anime influenced series which does give viewers that feel of it being cgi in look as we have seen characters rendered like this in many fighting games in the past and reminded me of the same look that could be seen in in the early Tekken games. From early on in the year it has been in an English dub with the trailer setting viewers up for what will happen in the beginning, introducing each of the characters.

This anime is more for those who liked early fighting games and retro addicts like me, but for those who want to watch something new as well, this is a good idea.

Take a look and see this new anime for yourself: