Sunday, 24 June 2012

Beloved 5860 (to be finished)

Written by Yamila Abraham and with art by Studio Kosen, Beloved 5860 is another text based story with a beautiful illustration by Auro and Diana of Studio Kosen. (they are best known for illustrating the Saihoshi series and Stallion.

Each Beloved, and there are three in all are stand alone stories, and this one has one of the most stunning covers of a couple hugging. In the story it seems love can conquer all, even a monster like the demigod Malachi. Every 200 years he sleeps and there is peace across Sensicry, then when he wakes there is the possibility of all out war. There is only one man who can save this world and its people, but he is also an ally for good.

Jace is known as the avatar, and the one who can help the people by satisfying Malachi's every sexual whim, but he must make sure he falls truly and deeply in love with him or else...

Created by the writer who gave us Zolabarth Bi and Maelstrom,Yamila has created a wonderful fantasy story with a touch of erotica to keep us girls happy!

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